She Wore The Same Dress To A Wedding That All Of The Bridesmaids Were Wearing Even Though She Wasn’t In The Bridal Party

A 25-year-old woman recently went to her 30-year-old male cousin’s wedding, which happened several weeks ago.

She found a gorgeous dress at a thrift store that she wore, and it was a dark blue, long-style dress.

“It was absolutely gorgeous and I thought it would be perfect, as the invitation said formal attire,” she explained.

“I had looked the brand of the dress up online after I bought it, and while I realized it was a bridesmaid dress from a bridal company, I assumed that someone had donated it after a wedding.”

The day of her cousin’s wedding arrived, and she showed up with her 27-year-old sister.

She walked into the venue and was horrified to see that all of the bridesmaids were wearing the exact same dress that she had on.

Her sister told her she needed to leave immediately and change, which she would have been able to do since they live quite close to where the wedding took place.

She didn’t want to go with that option though, because the only other thing she had to change into was a dress that she wore to her senior prom, and the dress is very outdated.

Her sister also gave her permission to wear anything that she had in her closet, but given the fact that she’s a size or two larger than her sister, she was afraid nothing was going to really fit her.

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