She’s Having An Affair With Her Boss, Who Says He’s In Love With Her, And She’s Wondering If It’s Time To Come Clean To His Girlfriend

A 23-year-old woman has been working at her current job in software development for two years now, and much of the time she’s been at the company she’s had to work from home.

So, she only met her 36-year-old boss for the first time in real life in the summer of 2020, and they quickly started becoming close.

At first, they were just friends, but they would meet up outside of work to play video games or go on hikes.

“I started to develop feelings for him, but kept them to myself as I knew he has a girlfriend,” she explained.

After months of spending time with her boss as just his friend, she couldn’t shake her feelings for him at all.

“Skip to April 2021: I still had feelings for him, although I tried online dating and meeting new people to get some distance, but it didn’t work,” she said. “So I told him during a hike, and he rejected me of course.”

Two months after her big confession followed by unrequited love, her dad passed away and her boss wound up being there for her in a big way emotionally.

As they were having a chat one day, her boss revealed to her that he had feelings for her since back in December of 2020, and she was floored.

Her boss went on to say that he could not be in a relationship with her though since he was already committed to his long-term girlfriend.

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