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Her Boyfriend Purchased A House In His Name Only And Is Upset That She Doesn’t Want To Pay To Help Him Renovate The Place - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old girl has a 28-year-old boyfriend that she lives with right now. At first, they lived together in an apartment, but after things in the housing market started looking grim, her boyfriend decided to just buy a townhome.

The house is only in her boyfriend’s name, but it didn’t bother her since it was his money and she felt that he could spend it however he wanted to.

Her boyfriend then didn’t tell her that they had to move out until 3 days beforehand, and that caused her to reconsider wanting to spend the rest of her life with him and get married to him too.

After they moved into the house together, they agreed to divide the bills up so that he pays 70% of everything and she pays 30%.

Her boyfriend makes $200,000, whereas she makes $60,000 and she’s currently going to grad school while bartending on the side to make more money, so the breakdown of their bills seemed fair.

Well, now her boyfriend expects her to pay to help him renovate the house, especially since she has a lot of experience with home improvement projects.

She doesn’t think it’s fair at all for her boyfriend to expect this of her, and it’s causing a rift in their relationship.

“It would be different if there was structural damage or things in need of fix, but he just wants updates bc the townhouse has all of the early 90s finishes,” she explained.

“I have enough on my plate right now with both jobs, grad school, and hella debt. I’m not going to play bob the builder in my small amount of down time, especially when I will never profit from it.” – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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