Nicole Parsons Bucki Was Murdered In Rhode Island On 9/11, And Her Case Remains Cold Today

On September 11, 2001, the world watched in horror as four coordinated terrorist attacks claimed the lives of nearly three thousand people.

The damages and turmoil understandably overwhelmed authorities. But unfortunately, other important cases fell to the wayside.

One was the murder of Nicole Parsons Bucki, a twenty-seven-year-old woman from Providence, Rhode Island.

Nicole’s mother, Robyn Parsons, pulled into her driveway that morning and was shocked to find numerous unmarked detective cars at her home.

“You just get a bad feeling in your stomach. It is intuition,” she said in an interview with WRPI.

Detectives would later tell Robyn that her daughter was found dead in the bathtub. A hairdryer was also discovered inside the bathtub, pointing to a suspected suicide.

However, autopsy reports later found that Nicole was not electrocuted– she was drowned. And David Laptin, the Providence Police Major, believed that Nicole likely knew her murderer.

Nicole had been in an abusive relationship with a minor leading up to her death. And just one day before her death, Nicole also allegedly called the police on her boyfriend.

Facebook; pictured above is Nicole

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