This Dog Is Being Forced To Stay With Animal Control After His Owners Say Another Dog Attacked Him

On June 26th, a pitbull named Rocco jumped out of the car as they were sitting in the driveway, anxious to play with another pup who was on a walk with his owner.

Unfortunately, the happy pup was ready to play while the Australian Shepherd was not.

The other dog decided to bite Rocco in the face, leading them both to tumble to the ground. 

Shocked, the owner of the Australian Shepherd started hitting Rocco, which scared him into peeing himself.

Rocco was bleeding from multiple bite wounds and marks once the two dogs were pulled apart. The other dog was left unharmed.

Unfortunately, the family was charged with a ticket for their pup escaping the car, while the Australian Shepherd was left with no scratches or bites. 

Since the incident occurred, the family has experienced many problems within their neighborhood as the community surrounding the home decided to team up against them.

Multiple phone calls, videos, and complaints were made, causing the family to constantly be on edge with their poor pup Rocco.

One neighbor went as far as to threaten the life of the family and the dog.

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