Her 15-Year-Old Niece Stole Her Car, So She Called The Police And Got Her Arrested But Now Her Family Is Furious

“I knew that once school came around, she needed to be more disciplined, so one morning we got into an argument because I told her I was chaining up the fridge, and that she better act right or else she will be forced to scavenge for her food around the farm and cook it herself,” she said.

“If she doesn’t want to contribute, she gets nothing the household has worked for. She was livid, throwing stuff, stomping her feet, and making rude gestures.”

“My son and I left to go tend to the animal’s morning duties and told her that she better catch up to get some chicken tonight or start preparing to pick some vegetables for herself.”

So, she and her son were outside for an hour before she sent him back to the house to go grab something for her.

When her son returned from the house, he asked where her car was, and they immediately pieced together that Emma stole it.

Emma also did not even have a license to drive, so she dialed the police as fast as she could. Two hours after Emma took off in her car, they located her, and she was placed under arrest.

Now Emma is facing a misdemeanor for driving without having a license, and she’s also being charged with joyriding.

Her brother and his wife found out about Emma’s arrest, and they are furious that she called the police to deal with Emma.

Her brother mentioned that Emma steals his car and his wife’s too, yet they don’t have an issue with that since she always comes back eventually.

She really wished her brother had told her that, but he never did.

Her whole family thinks she was mean for calling the cops on Emma, knowing it would result in her arrest.

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