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Her Husband Booked First Class Plane Tickets For Himself And His Best Friend, But He Put Her In Economy

“I cried because of what he said but decided to just not go altogether. He changed his tone and started begging me to just go with what he planned but I declined.”

“I went to pick the kids from my mom’s house, and he came back 3 hours later huffing and buffing about what happened.”

“His friend sent me a text calling me entitled and said this was the reason why he didn’t want my husband to take me with them, and I just proved his point.”

She did not reply back to her husband’s best friend; instead, she chose to block him.

Her husband’s best friend has been more and more impolite towards her in the last several months, and she’s done with it.

Her husband keeps telling her that he made an effort to invite her and that he doesn’t appreciate how she acted.

She’s left wondering if it was wrong of her not to want to go on the trip and fly economy, even though her husband can easily afford to have put her in first class too.

Would you have bailed on the trip as well if you were her?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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