She Mentioned Her Guy Best Friend’s Past Feelings For Her During A Speech At His Wedding, And Now The Bride Is Super Upset

She wanted to provide some color about her and Christian’s long and eventful friendship. So, she spoke about how they first met and how much their lives have changed since then and emphasized just how great of a person Christian is.

And according to her, the wedding guests, Christian, and Victoria were all very moved by her speech. But then, she kind of slipped up and made a pretty uncomfortable reference to Christian’s unrequited feelings for her.

“As I talked more about our history, I jokingly mentioned how Christian had the hots for me, but that it did not matter because he found his soulmate and that our friendship was stronger than some unrequited feelings,” she recalled. Yikes!

Most of the crowd reportedly laughed, but Victoria’s face looked utterly confused. And, even though Christian hugged and thanked her for the heartfelt speech afterward, Victoria was far from happy.

Apparently, one of her other best friends, Deven, learned from some bridesmaids that Victoria was super upset at her for bringing up Christian’s old feelings. Victoria claimed she did not care about the past feelings, though– but just simply thought it was uber inappropriate to bring them up during a wedding speech.

And after hearing about this, she became super uncomfortable. She even asked some friends for their input. But, they are also divided on whether or not the comment went too far. So now, she is completely lost about what to do.

“I sincerely intended no harm with my actions. Maybe I did not read the room? And Christian has not mentioned any of this to me, so I am not sure if I should ask him,” she said.

Do you think mentioning the groom’s past “unrequited feelings” during a wedding speech was totally inappropriate? Should she speak to Christian? What about apologizing to Victoria? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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