She Tried Wearing Her Hair In Pigtails To See If It Would Help Her Get More Tips From Men, And She Shared Her Results With TikTok

Believe it or not, pigtails are making a comeback as the latest hair trend. Women are wearing those two little ponytails all over TikTok.

However, many users aren’t wearing pigtails all day because they love them but because they’ll make more money wearing them.

Word has spread around on TikTok that girls in the service industry should start wearing pigtails in order to make more tips, especially from male customers.

As creepy as it sounds, lots of women have started wearing pigtails to their jobs because it surprisingly works for many of them.

The theory is that men will tip women who are wearing pigtails more money because of the youthful look it gives them. Yikes.

One user, in particular, has gone viral for testing out the pigtail theory and creating a series where she sees how much money she makes after wearing a different hairstyle to each work shift.

Bella (@b_woodard) is a waitress and was eager to try the pigtail trick.

“We’re gonna do that today,” Bella explains at the start of her first video.

TikTok; pictured above is Bella in one of her videos

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