She’s Pretty Positive Her Sister’s Wedding Got Canceled Over What She Did At The Rehearsal Dinner And Her Sister Is Currently Sitting In Jail

Slava_Vladzimirska - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old girl has an older sister who is 29, and when they were younger, they both dreamed about what their wedding days would look like.

One wedding detail she and her sister excitedly discussed over the years was what the perfect wedding destination for each of them would be.

Her sister then got engaged, and as she was planning her wedding to the guy that she had dated for 4 years, everything seemed to be going perfectly.

She really did like her sister’s fiancé, and she thought he was an extremely kind guy. She was thrilled for her sister to have a picture-perfect wedding, but things began falling apart leading up to the rehearsal dinner.

“Our family agreed to pay for the wedding while his family would pay for their honeymoon,” she explained.

“We were on a budget and she very reluctantly agreed to have a wedding in our town instead of Paris after numerous arguments between her and me and our mother. She also made friends buy her expensive gifts and wouldn’t take homemade or affordable gifts.”

Fast forward to the rehearsal dinner, which took place on the evening before her sister’s wedding day, and her sister’s bridezilla behavior spiraled even further out of control.

Her sister sat there knocking back more wine than she had ever witnessed her drink, and then her sister started making nasty remarks about the food that was being served to her.

She did her best to stay quiet as her sister got more and more out of control, but after her sister laced into the poor waiter, she could not keep quiet.

Slava_Vladzimirska – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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