She’s Seeing A Guy Who Basically Flirts With Female Internet Celebrities On A Daily Basis, And She’s So Upset By His Behavior

Nebojsa - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 32-year-old woman has been seeing a guy 2 years older than her for a couple of months now, and she recently found something out about him that really upsets her.

Ever since she began dating this guy, he was pretty secretive and guarded when it came to what he did on social media.

She did find out why he was so weird about it; apparently, he flirts with internet celebrities on a daily basis through Twitter.

The internet celebrities this guy speaks to do have a certain niche, and he’s spoken to them all so much that he does have relationships with them.

“I wouldn’t necessarily mind, but he frequently comments on their looks and compliments them like he does me, the girl he’s dating,” she explained.

“He says things like they’re so cool and beautiful. He’s talked about his Twitter before and mentioned that he really likes to “build people up” and be supportive.”

“I guess my question is, is this a weird but ultimately harmless thing? They are just internet celebrities, after all, not like real personal relationships (…I hope).”

Something else this guy has brought up as she has been dating him is that he used to be with several women who were extremely envious and controlling, and many of those women used to be all over him about following any woman on social media.

She wondered if him having so much of an interaction with female internet celebrities might come down to him no longer being controlled, and she also wondered about it being a side effect of this guy being single for a lot of his life.

Nebojsa – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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