This 3 Legged Cat Has Stolen The Hearts Of TikTok Users Everywhere With The Story Of How This Woman Came To Be His Owner

A three-legged cat has stolen the hearts of TikTok users everywhere after his new owner shared his origin story.

A woman on TikTok who goes by ‘Cathy’s Cats’ (@kittyloveclub) shared the story of how she and her husband took in a sweet neighborhood kitty named Pep who needed some extra love.

“My husband and I bought a new house, and as we were moving in, there was a very friendly three-legged cat that kept coming up to us and meowing,” says Cathy in her video.

“We were told by the neighbor that he was sort of the neighborhood cat and that the people who lived here before us used to feed him.”

Cathy and her husband then decided to split the cost of cat food and supplies with their neighbors in order to keep the little guy fed.

Cathy then spoke with the previous owners of the house to find out more about Pep and how he lost his leg.

As it turns out, Pep grew up in a cage with his siblings. One day, a raccoon came by and “got a hold of his leg,” ripping it off. Poor thing!

Thankfully Pep was taken to the vet, and although he lost his leg, he was able to live.

TikTok; pictured above is Pep

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