This Starbucks Barista Went Viral After Reenacting The Worst Types Of Drive-Thru Customers On TikTok

So next time you consider grabbing some fast food, maybe encourage the driver of the vehicle to place the order.

The barista also called out people who gaslight drive-thru employees. For example, the customers who pull up to the payment window and pretend they ordered something entirely different.

Then, they have the nerve to try and take the “mistaken” order for free!

She said that whenever people do this, she tells them it is against policy and that the extra drinks are going straight in the trash.

No cheapskates allowed!

Finally, another notable performance included “the phone caller”– a parody about customers who get mad when drive-thru employees try to take their order and “interrupt” their phone call.

Plus, one reenactment of people who ask for food recommendations but then waste time choosing an entirely different order. 

“If you do any of these, you suck,” the barista added in her video.

And since being posted on TikTok, the hysterical– but also sadly, true– video has gone viral on the platform.

It reached over seventy-six thousand views, gained eighteen thousand likes, and spurred over three hundred comments from food service workers who feel the barista’s pain.

Many also shared their own least favorite drive-thru customer habits.

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