After Living With Her Boyfriend For 2 Months, She Got Dumped In The Most Awful Way, And She’s Left Feeling Like No Man Could Possibly Want To Date Her

sergeyzapotylok - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old girl was in a relationship with her 25-year-old boyfriend for one year before they decided to take the next step and move in with one another.

Her roommate back then happened to be moving, and her lease was up. She wasn’t able to find someone else to move into her place with her, so she moved in with her boyfriend.

“He’s great, honestly,” she explained. “Even with how hurt and upset this has left me, I can’t really find anything bad about him except his bluntness, but he’s not American and just more direct culturally.”

So, after living with her boyfriend for 2 months, she was shocked when he asked to speak to her and proceeded to dump her right on the spot.

Her boyfriend kept going, stating that she needed to find a new place within 30 days, and that was that.

He then said that he felt that their relationship was not going well at all, which she felt blindsided by, as she didn’t feel that way.

She had adored living together with him, and she genuinely thought that he was having a good time living with her as well.

She didn’t accept his vague answer as to why he was ending things, and she was able to get him to reveal more to her.

“…He. Just. Unloaded,” she said. “Not in an angry way, but you could tell it was a buildup. All his reasons basically make me sound undatable, I didn’t think I was that bad of a partner, honestly.”

sergeyzapotylok – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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