He Refused To Let His Friend’s Pregnant Wife Eat His Own Wife’s Food At A Barbecue 

Olga Gordeeva - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-three-year-old man has basically had the same friends since he was in college over a decade ago.

They all met during their freshmen year, became buddies, and have remained close ever since. So now, his “group” consists of him, his four guy friends, and their wives.

“It started out as my buddies and me. But, as we got older, our families have expanded, and so has the friend group,” he noted.

And amidst growing families and busy careers, he and his friends try to have a barbecue once a month to stay in touch. Each time, the venue rotates, and someone takes a turn hosting the get-together.

While he and his wife, Jane, were at his friend John’s house for a barbecue this past weekend, though, things went seriously sideways.

For context, Jane has Autism spectrum disorder, and because of that, she has difficulty eating certain types of foods and has sensory issues.

“So, to be safe, I had given my friends a list of foods that are safe for her to eat and that won’t cause any problems,” he explained.

“They are really easy foods, and none of my friends have a problem accommodating her.”

At John’s barbecue, though, there was apparently a misunderstanding about Jane’s meal.

Olga Gordeeva – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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