Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her With Her Neighbor That She’s Known Since She Was A Kid, And Then Her Boyfriend Left Her For This Girl

Then, pretty recently, she got up one day, made her boyfriend some coffee, and headed out to work. Several hours after she left, she was shocked when her boyfriend texted her to say that he was done dating her and he had moved his stuff out of her house.

“I didn’t have closure at first until today,” she said. “One of my friends caught them together BROKE DOWN ON THE INTERSTATE, lol.”

“I called my neighbor and asked her who she was with, she said my ex. I hung the phone up immediately. I was hurt for a second, but I realized only sick people with no character or no standards do this.”

“I just wanted to type this out. I am angered by this. But I know that I didn’t lose anything. If anything, I gained clarity and learned a very valuable lesson. I know that seeing them together isn’t cheating, but I’ve noticed my neighbor’s car hasn’t been at her house for as long as my ex has been moved out of my house, and she’s usually always home.”

“Also, they’d always hang out together (knowing I didn’t like her) when I was in the house doing my own thing. Once again, I trusted him with everything in me for some odd reason. Big mistake. So even if he didn’t cheat, it’s really the principle.”

Do you think it sounds like she dodged a bullet?

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