Her Coffee Date With A Guy Turned Into A Disaster, And When She Tried To Tell Him That She Wasn’t Interested In Him, He Tried To Embarrass Her

What may have initially started out as a cute coffee date for TikTok creator @sadiebass16 turned a corner when her date decided to humiliate her instead.

She went out for coffee with someone cute that she met at a club she began. And things were going well and seemed normal at first.

“So we decide to meet in this coffee shop,” she said. “We get in there, he buys me a mocha.”

As time went on, she slowly began to question her choice to come on the date. The entire time that they spent together was taken up by conversations about himself.

“I was kind of feeling him, you know,” she added. “Afterwards, we’re like walking, and I’m thinking, oh, he’s going to say let’s go for a drink, or dinner or like, you know, let’s step this up.

Instead, he decided to just wander around outside in the middle of a freezing cold January day and not find somewhere else to go.

“He’s like, ‘I just love chatting to you, like let’s sit on a bench,” she explained. To this, of course, she said she’d rather not sit outside because it was too cold.

Thinking that she had found a way to get this to move onto dinner or onto something more than just coffee, it was even more shocking when the warm indoor place that he chose to bring her to was Mcdonald’s.

TikTok; pictured above is @sadiebass16 in her video

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