Her Husband’s Ex-Wife Cut Her Stepdaughter’s Hair Off As A Punishment, And Now She Has No Idea What To Do About Visitation

While at school last month, Evie had been playing on the playground when a few boys began bullying her about her chest size. Evie’s teacher just told the boys to cut it out, but they refused to let up.

So, Evie first decided to shove one of them off of the play structure and did a similar thing to the second boy.

And while she and her husband did not support Evie’s use of violence, they were happy that she stuck up for herself. Still, they told Evie that there are better ways to handle situations like that.

Plus, when Evie ended up getting suspended from school for two days, she and her husband took that opportunity to teach her stepdaughter a lesson. They told Evie that she was not allowed to have any screen time or hang out with friends during those two days.

She believed that was a good repercussion for Evie’s actions, and Evie reportedly handled her consequences well.

However, in the weeks afterward, Evie’s mother admitted to not thinking that Evie’s punishment was enough. In fact, her husband’s ex thought that Evie should have been grounded– with no screen time, social interaction, or extracurricular activities– for an entire month.

Understandably, though, she and her husband thought that would be way too harsh for a twelve-year-old– especially because Evie was just trying to defend herself from bullying.

So, they told her husband’s ex no. And when her husband’s ex kept insisting on harsher punishments, her husband laid down the law.

“Finally, my husband told his ex that she could punish Evie the way she wanted to when she got custody of Evie,” she explained.

Unfortunately, though, she had no idea that her husband’s ex would take this vendetta so far.

Apparently, after her husband told his ex to lay off, his ex learned about a hair appointment she had made for Evie. The plan was for Evie to get a haircut and a fun dye color that weekend.

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