Kick Things Up A Notch With This Spicy Mozarella Pasta Recipe

Have you been searching for the perfect at-home recipes that cater to all your cravings while providing you with a quick how-to guide where you’re not left spending hours in the kitchen?

There are plenty of creators on TikTok who range from at-home cooks with a strong passion for the industry to talented and exquisite restaurant connoisseurs and fitness gurus ready to prepare your next meal plan.

Odds are, you can hop on over this very minute and find one of these influencers on your “four you page” ready to help you finesse your next meal.

Speaking of fitness gurus, there is one recipe in particular that has taken over countless timeliness as it rings in over half a million likes.

User meg.ofitness, also known as Megan Oneil, is the creator behind the latest spicy mozzarella pasta recipe, which she labels “the easiest pasta dish EVA!”

If you are looking for a dish that provides you with a good source of protein and fewer calories than your average Italian evening course, then you have made it to the perfect TikTok.

Megan shows us a top-notch dish that is sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied. The pasta recipe has 55 grams of protein and only 569 calories per serving.

Minimal ingredients are required, which is also a big plus! To begin the recipe, you want to start off by sautéing 30 grams of sun-dried tomatoes and 125 grams of chicken.

TikTok; pictured above is Megan’s finished pasta dish

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