She Thought She Had A Roommate When She Checked Into A Hostel, And What Happened Inside Of That Room Turned Into A Terrifying Experience

deniskomarov - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

We’ve found a spooky story that is sure to get you in the mood for the Halloween season.

A woman had a freaky experience as a travel writer visiting Prague a few years ago. It was a very last-minute trip, and she had little time to prepare. This means that her hotel plans for the trip were up in the air.

Upon arrival, she visited an accommodations office to seek out a place to stay. The office directed her to a nearby hostel.

“In my early twenties winging it was part of the fun,” she explained. “These days, I’m far less adventurous.”

The hostel was less than picturesque, with crumbling walls and an ugly wash of slate gray paint. It was full of mismatched furniture, stained carpets, and a nasty smell. The room she was set to stay in cost $12 a night and was a double. When she arrived at the hotel, she learned that she had a roommate.

Although the roommate wasn’t there when she arrived, she noticed that she had things set up on her side of the room. There was a suitcase out, folded clothes on a chair, and German magazines spread out on the bed.

After a busy day exploring the city, she came back and noticed that her mysterious roommate hadn’t returned to the room.

She popped back out and went to a local bar, listening in on some of Prague’s creepiest stories. Little did she know, she would find herself living inside of one when she returned to the hostel.

After returning home and showering, she noticed that a pink silk nightgown had been spread across her bed.

deniskomarov – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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