After A Date, She Thought The Guy Stole Her Debit Card And Ghosted Her

“Then the next morning, he texted me and was like, ‘hey, do you happen to remember where I put my wallet?'” she said– confused, as she had no idea why he’d ask her. “I’ll be…damned if some guy thinks I stole his wallet on the first date.”

Little did she know that the reverse was actually what happened that night.

“He finds his wallet, which is great, but then he texts me, and he’s like, ‘hey, actually, like, your debit card is in my wallet,”,” she explains. “Which doesn’t make any..sense because I didn’t pay for anything that entire night, so why would my debit card be out?”

She didn’t think much of it past that confusion because they were going to meet up again for a date, so she could easily just get it back from him then.

Although this was her initial plan, it turned out that over the weekend, he didn’t reach out much, and they never made any definite plans to meet up, and she began to get a little suspicious.

“We’re again texting, nothing’s really happening from it, so I initiate plans,” Lindsey said. When he says no, she again thinks, “that’s kind of weird; why is he not trying to initiate plans with me? He has my debit card!”

As she was talking, she captioned the screen, saying that “he never offered to bring it to me or asked me if I needed it or anything.”

She began to get really suspicious of his behavior, to say the least. But it gets even worse from here because he reaches out to her the next day to see how she is. When she reciprocates, he never answers–ever. 

“Now I’m super annoyed, super confused, and super just like, what the f***?!” she said. “So I check my bank account just for fun…there’s a charge.”

So not only did this man ghost her, but he also actually stole her debit card instead of returning it to her.

“He literally used my debit card at a club downtown,” she said, laughing sarcastically. “So I canceled the card and reported it stolen.”

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