Now That His Girlfriend Has Been Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer, She Wants To Open Up Their Relationship So She Can Experience What It’s Like To Be With Someone Else

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A 29-year-old guy is currently dating his girlfriend, who is 27. Sadly, she was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and it’s expected that she will not live past 2 more years.

Her doctors suspect that his girlfriend will have a year left until she begins to not feel as normal, so for the next year, she will be able to travel and see the rest of the world.

“Then she’ll start deteriorating and end up in the hospital for the final few weeks or couple of months,” he explained.

“Of course, this entire situation is devastating, and it breaks my heart that we both know what’s coming. When she was diagnosed, she said she understands if I wanted to leave, so I don’t waste my late 20s with someone that we both know there’s no long, happy life ahead with.”

The thing is, he has no intention of leaving her until the very end. He wants to be by her side to help give her the support that she needs.

And for right now, he’s been doing everything possible to help make his girlfriend happy and show her the best the world has to offer until she does get very sick.

His girlfriend also just admitted to him that she wants to have an open relationship so that she has the ability to experience someone else while she can.

She does plan on sleeping with men and women, and this conversation was completely unexpected for him.

“Gut punch for sure, but I figured I would at least hear her out,” he said. “Her reasoning is twofold. First, it’s that “I’m dying, and I want the excitement of new people.” And second, she says that as much fun as we have, there’s always the gloom of what’s going to happen hanging over us, and getting to go out and have fun with someone who has no idea what’s going on seems like it’ll really help her not to think about it.”

astrosystem – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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