After A Date, She Thought The Guy Stole Her Debit Card And Ghosted Her

First dates are always awkward. Especially if you met online and haven’t ever seen the person in real life, getting to know a complete stranger can have its highs and lows.

But what if the lows get so bad that you find out the person who you went out with actually stole from you?

While probably not very common, this is, unfortunately, what happened to TikToker Lindsey Wedgeworth @lindseyxworth on a recent first date.

The hard thing for Lindsey in this particular situation is that her date seemed to be wonderful at first. Before the truth unraveled, she really thought that she had found a great guy.

“The date itself actually went really well,” she explained. “He was really attractive, really funny, has a good job, makes good money, lives close by–like basically checked and ticked off all of my boxes.”

For their date, they decided to go bar hopping, she said. It’s important to note that he paid for all of her drinks that night, as that argument comes into play later on.

While on the date, Lindsey felt a great connection with this guy and was able to comfortably be herself. She explained how she didn’t have to try too hard on the date.

Things left off on a great note for them after the date. And then the next morning rolled around, and the antics ensued.

TikTok; pictured above is Lindsey in her video

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