He Asked His Girlfriend To Start Making Him Breakfast Every Morning Since She Is A Morning Person, But He Refused To Trade-Off The Responsibility, And Now They Are In A Big Fight

gstockstudio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-seven-year-old man has been living with his girlfriend, who is twenty-nine, for several months now.

And according to him, things have been going really well. He plans to propose to her soon and, down the line, hopes to have at least a couple of children with her.

Recently, though, the pair have run into an issue– and it involves their morning routines.

His girlfriend is apparently a total morning person, whereas he despises mornings with his entire heart.

So, by the time he actually wrestles himself out of bed to get into the shower, his girlfriend is usually always up about thirty minutes before him.

“Even though she has to be at work later than I do,” he said.

His girlfriend does not just wake up and get ready, though. Instead, she always prepares a massive breakfast spread because she is a big breakfast person.

Her typical meal consists of eggs, either pancakes or French toast, breakfast potatoes or hashbrowns, and bacon or sausage.

Plus, on the weekends, she breaks out some steak or ham.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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