He Dyed His Hair Purple, Blue, And Pink Two Weeks Before Being The Man Of Honor In His Best Friend’s Wedding, And His Friend Was Furious

So, in an effort to mediate the situation, he and his friend ultimately decided that everyone in the bridal party would sit down during the ceremony.

That way, no one would get distracted by his new hair, and no attention would be taken off of the bride.

What made him most upset about this situation, though, was that he had helped his friend throughout the entire wedding planning process, as well as the passing of his friend’s mother.

“And she thought I was trying to sabotage her wedding and make it all about me,” he vented.

Honestly, though, he claims that since he is a hairdresser, he already colors his hair too much and would not damage it even more if it were not necessary.

On top of that, his friend was apparently the one who initially told him that he needed to change his hair in the first place– since, apparently, his friend’s family is much more traditional and conservative than his family is.

“And having a gay man be the man of honor is already borderline for her family,” he said.

Anyway, he still tried to get over all of this in hopes of celebrating a happy day with his friend. But, after going to look at veils a few days ago, the topic of his hair color shot up again.

This time, though, it was the groom’s grandmother who walked over to him, messed with his hair, and made a remark asking, “So, what’s going on with this?”

He then tried to graciously explain the hair change to the groom’s grandmother, but she ended up just ignoring him and going to help his friend change.

Then, he even overheard the grandmother making comments such as, “Why did he do it before the wedding? Why couldn’t he have done it after?” and, “Is he still not changing it?”

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