He Expects His Girlfriend To Apologize To His Ex After She Screamed At Her At His Daughter’s School Fair

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A 29-year-old guy has a 26-year-old girlfriend named Lily whom he has been seeing for about 8 months now.

Prior to Lily, he was engaged to a woman named Rachel, and he and Rachel have a 7-year-old daughter named Alice.

He and Rachel’s engagement ended for a couple of pretty complex reasons, although everything came to him them not being compatible in the romance department.

Currently, he has a good relationship with Rachel and he works with her well to co-parent Alice. And as for Lily, she was always ok with him being a single dad, and Lily always got along well with Alice.

Unfortunately, something happened not too long ago that has left him thinking that Lily owes Rachel an apology.

“Last week, Alice’s school had a fair,” he explained. “There were games, prizes, food, and music. Alice is in her school’s dance club which was doing a performance towards the end of the fair.”

“I talked to Rachel about the event, and we agreed that I would take Alice to the fair and Rachel would meet up with us at the event then take Alice back to her home.”

“Lily insisted on accompanying me and Alice to the fair and I didn’t see a reason as to why she couldn’t come along. However, Rachel didn’t meet us when she agreed to. I tried to call her a few times but she wasn’t answering.”

Well, Lily became increasingly irritated by the fact that Rachel was late to the event. Lily insisted that Rachel had to get better about organizing her time, and he figured whatever happened to cause Rachel to be late probably was not anything major.

SlavaSelfStudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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