He Expects His Girlfriend To Apologize To His Ex After She Screamed At Her At His Daughter’s School Fair

In the end, Rachel was 2 hours late, and she missed Lily’s dance performance entirely. When Rachel did arrive, Rachel informed everyone that her boss had forced her to stay late at work and that’s why she wasn’t on time. Rachel was super sorry to have missed Lily’s whole school fair, and he knows that Rachel is pretty much never late for anything.

“I will admit that Alice was pretty disappointed, but these things happen. Lily was fuming angry and confronted Rachel in front of Alice,” he said.

“She accused Rachel of not caring about her child and being hopelessly disorganized. Lily told Rachel that her own mother was like her and that she hates her for it.”

“I tried to calm Lily down and prevent an argument but Rachel started yelling at Lily and said that she has no right to criticize her and that she’s not Alice’s parent. They got into a screaming match and caused a huge scene. Alice started crying and Rachel eventually took Alice to her car and left.”

He left and brought Lily home, but he was furious with Lily. A day later, he thought he could try to speak to her about what happened, and he let Lily know that she was way out of bounds with how she treated Rachel. He also said to Lily that she seriously owes Rachel an apology, but Lily didn’t agree with him.

“Lily seemed surprised that I’d say that and said that Rachel was blatantly in the wrong and that she should’ve been more organized and prioritized her child,” he continued. “I told Lily that doesn’t matter and that she behaved inappropriately. Lily was really mad that I didn’t take her side and has been very cold towards me.”

He’s left wondering if he was mean to Lily in how he reacted after the school fair blowout. Do you think Lily should say sorry?

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