He Made Up An Imaginary Girlfriend To Ward Off A Flirtatious Coworker Two Years Ago, But Then He Started Having A Fake “Affair” With His Coworker, And After He Tried To Cut It Off, But His Coworker Threatened To Expose Him As A Cheater

bnenin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Two years ago, this thirty-eight-year-old guy found himself in an uncomfortable situation with a woman he worked with. More specifically, his coworker asked him out on a date, and he just was not interested.

So, in an effort to be polite, he decided to tell his coworker that he already had a girlfriend. He obviously did not, though, and the lie turned out to be a massive mistake.

Apparently, even after lying about being in a relationship, his coworker never backed off. In fact, she just kept flirting with him even more and coming on stronger and stronger.

“So, I began to lie more and create this entire backstory for my relationship,” he said.

Then, after other coworkers heard him discussing his fake relationship, it became common knowledge that he was in a (fake) relationship with a woman named “Kelly.” And “Kelly’s” backstory only got more and more intricate as time went on.

“She’s got red hair and has a bad relationship with her mother– which makes the holidays difficult on me because they always fight. I met her on Plenty of Fish, and our first dates involved mini-golf and Candle-pin bowling,” he explained.

“She has an out-of-state sister that she visits fairly frequently and spends the night. Currently, she works for one of those rent-a-cop security firms, so she’s always working in unpredictable locations. The list goes on. Kelly is a very detailed character.”

Anyway, he never associated with any of his coworkers outside of work, so no one was ever able to unearth his lie and prove him wrong. Well, that was until he admitted to being stupid and decided to start sleeping with the flirtatious coworker.

Now, he realizes that it was a terrible idea– because apparently, the coworker seems “obsessive and weird,” but he was “such a loner” he just gave into her advances.

bnenin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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