Her Mother-In-Law Snooped Through Her Bedroom And Found The Matted Hair She Cut Off And Saved, But Then Her Mother-In-Law Took Photos Of It Before Texting Her Husband’s Family About It

Smeilov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A year ago, a 20-year-old girl got quite sick, and her long, beautiful hair ended up getting tangled up and knotted beyond belief.

She had too much that she was dealing with back then to properly brush her hair and fix it, and her hair got so bad that it became impossible for her to brush.

She had no choice but to cut her hair, and she was crushed to have to do that. She took the matted pieces of her hair that had to be cut off, and she saved in it a box that she placed inside a drawer of a dresser in her bedroom.

A day ago, her sister-in-law (who is her brother-in-law’s wife) brought up how she loved the hair she used to have before she got sick.

Her sister-in-law then mentioned that she should have thought to call a family member or professional hairdresser to come to help her before her hair got as bad as it did.

Her sister-in-law kept going, saying her 26-year-old husband had to be disgusted with how her hair had gotten.

“She was mortified that she let it slip and told me that she knows about the hair and that MIL sent pictures of it over their group chat,” she explained.

“I couldn’t believe it and immediately called my husband aside and asked him whether it’s true. He said yes and said I shouldn’t have kept the hair for others to see and that I knew someone would eventually find it.”

“I told him it was within the privacy of our own bedroom and how did his mom even find it. This meant that she was looking through our stuff, and he said she was probably just trying to help us tidy up.”

Smeilov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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