Her Mother Won’t Allow Her Stepdad To Adopt Her Siblings Unless He Also Adopts Her, But She Doesn’t Love Him Like A Father, And It Has Driven A Wedge Between Her And Her Family

More specifically, her mother refused to let her be “left out” of the adoption, so her siblings were never able to get adopted by her stepfather.

In turn, the topic has come up a lot over the years, and her siblings have remained upset over it.

They apparently truly love her stepfather and even just call him dad. But she never saw him as her father, and in all honesty, she had never loved him.

“I appreciate him for stepping up and being here. But he will never be as important to me as he is to them or as my dad and mom were. Mom and I have a shaky relationship now because of this stuff,” she revealed.

Just last week, though, the entire situation came to a head after her siblings sat her down and said they needed to have a serious talk. Then, during the conversation, they began pressuring her into adoption.

Her siblings claimed that it would mean a lot to them, detailed how her stepfather is a good man, and said that it would be good for both her and her stepfather since it would prove her love for him.

Her siblings obviously don’t know that she doesn’t love her stepfather like that, though, so she was forced to just refuse the adoption again.

In fact, she said she would never let another man adopt her because she only has one dad. Plus, she told her siblings that she would never change that reality for them.

If you could not have guessed it, though, her siblings did not understand and became super upset– even after she told them to just discuss their separate adoption with their mother or look into adult adoption.

In fact, her brother became really frustrated, and her sister actually ended up crying.

So, her mother and stepfather basically stepped in and accused her of being unfair by refusing to try more for the sake of her siblings.

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