His Parents Are Accusing Him Of Being Selfish For Not Wanting To Be A Caretaker To His Sister, Who Has Rett Syndrome

If he does try to talk to his parents, every single conversation with them turns back toward their expectation that he will be Daniella’s caretaker once again.

Not too long ago, his dad has a scary incident with his health. Although his dad is alright, it made his mom and dad stop to consider the fact that they’re aging, and at some point, they will no longer be able to care for Daniella.

Eventually, his parents were able to get Daniella put on a waitlist to go into a care home, but the wait is inordinate.

The wait for Daniella to move to the care home is so crazy that his parents will certainly pass away before she gets accepted, or they will reach a day when they physically can’t handle caring for her.

“My parents explained this to me and said how since I have the ability to work from home with my job, I can start “taking over” certain days with Daniella’s care to “get back into the hang of” it and be ready in case I need to become her full-time caregiver,” he said.

“I explained that I would not work from home because it makes less money, and I want to focus on advancing my career. I also wanted free time for my own hobbies and outside social life. My parents called me selfish and said that I need to realize caring for Daniella will not leave enough time for “those other things.” I told my parents I would not be caring for Daniella.”

“I’ve spent my entire childhood taking care of her, and I’m done. Now other family members and some acquaintances are telling me what a horrible person I am because I am prioritizing career advancements and hobbies over my own sister.”

He even has some people in his life accusing him of thinking that disabled individuals shouldn’t be entitled to accommodations because of his stance on his role in Daniella’s life.

He does think every disabled individual deserves to have any, and all needs met, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be saddled with the burden of being the one to meet Daniella’s needs for the remainder of her life.

He believes it’s not on him to have to stop his life to provide for Daniella when his parents can’t.

“I know on the outside it sounds horrible to prioritize my career and hobbies over my disabled sister, but I won’t return to revolving my life around caring for Daniella because it’s never going to stop if I do,” he concluded.

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