She Caught Her Boyfriend Saving Photos Of Random, Hot Girls On Instagram To His Phone, And Thinking About This Makes Her Want To Cry

Evrymmnt - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 26-year-old girl has a boyfriend who is 30-years-old, and recently, she discovered that he keeps a secret folder saved on his phone.

She stumbled upon the folder accidentally, and eventually, her boyfriend did admit to her that he does have a secret folder.

She knows that he keeps photos of random, hot girls in this folder; many of them are models on Instagram or girls who share their photos elsewhere online.

Her boyfriend has taken screenshots of girls he came across on dating sites, and he also has photos saved of girls that he has met in real life and even slept with too.

These photos all range; some of the girls have clothes on, and some don’t. Some of the photos are selfies, and some aren’t.

The one thing all the photos have in common is that the girls in them are, by all means, really attractive.

“It kinda broke me,” she explained. “My really low confidence got even lower. I’ve had meltdowns over it multiple times, as I now I feel whenever I see him online, he’s just there to save these photos of girls.”

“He told me…it just gives him a dopamine rush, and he likes the photos, so saves them in case they ever get deleted. He tells me he knows it’s weird, and he understands why I wouldn’t like it, BUT every time I get upset about it, he threatens to break up with me “because let’s be honest, you won’t break up with me.”

“I’ve tried to even compromise, saying I’m fine with it as long as he doesn’t save the girls he knows personally/has met. But that fell on deaf ears, and he refused point blank.”

Evrymmnt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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