She Invited A Guy Over To Her House, And He Ended Up Stealing Her Food Right Out Of Her Fridge When He Left

Have you ever woken up to an empty fridge in the morning? Maybe you forgot to go grocery shopping yesterday, and now you have nothing for breakfast. Or, maybe you slept with someone who ‘robbed’ you of your food in the middle of the night and left.

Although this may sound unfathomable, it is actually what happened to TikTok creator Shantel Freeman, @glamartbyshantel, when she went on a date with a guy she met online.

She says her first mistake was probably meeting this guy online, but nonetheless, she gives the guy a shot and goes on a date with him.

She makes the personal decision not to drink on the date, just to be sure nothing goes horribly wrong on her end. What she didn’t plan for was for something to go horribly wrong on his end.

“Everything’s going good; I’m like, ‘okay, I’m feeling this guy!'” she said.

Contrary to what she originally intended, Shantel ends up inviting this guy back to her place for the night– and she ends up having the alcohol that she didn’t want to drink.

“As we’re walking back to my place, we see a liquor store, and he’s like, ‘let’s grab some drinks!'” she said. “So I end up caving, and we did get some drinks.”

Her second mistake was having those drinks that they bought at the liquor store. As she explains, once the alcohol was in her hands, she let herself go.

TikTok; pictured above is Shantel in her video

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