She Just Discovered That Her Parents Are Actual Billionaires, And They Have Intentionally Kept This A Secret From Her For Her Entire Life

As she took her seat again, her grandparents quickly got quiet, but it was too late. She had already heard every word that they said, so she questioned them about it.

Her grandparents admitted to her that her mom and dad really are billionaires, but they pleaded with her not to mention that to her parents at all.

Now, it’s never been a secret to her that her parents have money, but she had no clue it’s on the level that it is.

Her parents always tried to make her think that they only had just the right amount of money to pay for the way they lived, and that was it.

Her parents also made her believe that when they pass away, she’s not getting an inheritance since there isn’t any money that’s going to really be left over.

She had to fund her own way when she got to college, and ever since she hit 17, she’s been completely and utterly financially independent.

“I know it was important to them that I find my own way in the world and to understand the value of a dollar,” she said.

“I appreciated this, and I can understand that they may have been protective and didn’t want me to know so I would build my own life and not depend on their money. While their intentions were good, I can’t help but feel betrayed.”

“They’ve lied to me about this my whole life. I don’t know if I should confront them with this knowledge or if I should continue living my life pretending I don’t know. I don’t really care what they do with their money, it sounds like they’re donating most of it when they die.”

She enjoys the life that she has worked hard to build for herself, and she knows having more money than she currently has will only serve to complicate things for her.

She just can’t get why her parents won’t admit to her and her sister that they really have billions in the bank.

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