She Was Expected To Help Plan Her Brother-In-Law’s Wedding With His Fiancée Even Though She Was Not Asked To Be A Bridesmaid, So She Refused

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This woman’s brother-in-law recently got engaged to his fiancée, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, the happy couple decided to have a Halloween-themed engagement party.

She had never heard of such a thing until she and her husband received an invite to the party in the mail.

Unfortunately, though, she came down with an upper respiratory infection before the event, so she was unable to attend. Instead, her husband flew solo and went without her.

Well, during the party, her brother-in-law and his fiancée also decided to publicly announce who would be in the wedding party. And, of course, her husband was chosen as the best man.

“Obvious, considering it’s his brother,” she noted.

She, on the other hand, was not asked to be in the bridal party. To be quite honest, though, she was not mad about that whatsoever.

First of all, she and her brother-in-law’s fiancée do not hang out and are not really friends. So, she was not expecting to be asked in the first place.

On top of that, she did not want to be asked to be a bridesmaid anyway since there are a ton of associated responsibilities and costs.

For instance, she would be expected to help out with the bridal shower, attend the bachelorette party and help decorate and plan.

EmotionPhoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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