She Was The Product Of An Affair, So Her In-Law’s Plan To Throw Her A Genealogy-Themed Baby Shower Is Super Triggering To Her, So She Wants To Not Go

shchus - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman is currently pregnant, and her in-laws are absolutely thrilled about the baby she is about to welcome into the world along with her husband.

Her husband’s sisters and mom are elated at throwing her a baby shower, and 2 of her husband’s 3 sisters had baby showers back when they were pregnant, while her husband’s baby sister has not had a baby yet.

She’s noticed, though, that every time her husband’s family has thrown a baby shower, it centers on the same theme: genealogy.

All of the decorations for the baby showers are family trees, and so are the decorations they buy for the nurseries.

And when the wives of her husband’s brothers all got pregnant, her in-laws put together the same themed baby shower for those women too.

When her husband found out that his family wanted to now throw her a baby shower, he asked his family to skip the theme they always go with, as it is really uncomfortable for her.

Her husband’s family insisted that they would pick another theme, but then they went back on that, promising they had a new way to make the theme wonderful for her.

“I was an affair baby,” she explained. “My mom didn’t want me. She left me with my dad and his wife, who didn’t want me either but did keep me.”

“I spent 8 years in a house with two adults and two other kids who saw me as a painful reminder of what my dad had done and who hated me for it. Then my dad and his wife died, and I was placed in foster care while my half-siblings went to live with grandparents.”

shchus – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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