She Won’t Buy A House With Her Boyfriend, Because She Thinks He’s Trying To Take Advantage Of Her Financial Situation

indiraswork - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman and her boyfriend have been together for about one year now, and not long into dating, her boyfriend bought up his desire to purchase a house.

Back then, he didn’t have enough money saved up to purchase a home of his own, and he had a lot of debt due to student loans.

Her boyfriend also couldn’t qualify for a mortgage. It’s worth saying that she makes close to $130,000 while her boyfriend makes approximately $60,000.

“He asked me on date 2 what my salary was, and I was a little suspicious but answered truthfully,” she explained.

“Now we have been talking about moving in, and he brought up that since I qualify for more loans, I could get a mortgage for us. To be clear, I own a house, but it’s in the city I used to live in before the pandemic. I moved back to be closer to family, and I don’t own anything in my current city. I told him I’m not buying anything, and he said we can’t find anything at his price point, so if I buy sometime we can get something cheaper.”

“While this is probably true if I got an apartment, I feel like he’s using his knowledge of my finances to take advantage of me.”

She informed her boyfriend that when he has enough money to afford half of the down payment and can also qualify for a mortgage, she will consider purchasing a home with him.

He replied back that he still isn’t able to get a mortgage, especially now that interest rates have shot up.

She let her boyfriend know that his not qualifying for a mortgage is hardly her issue, and they instead should look at rental places.

indiraswork – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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