She’s Showing People What Her Life Is Like Being In A Throuple, And She Also Answers A Lot Of Interesting Questions People Have About This Kind Of Relationship

How many of the people that you know are in a throuple? Odds are not many. It is not as common to come across someone in a throuple as it is to come across someone in a couple. But things are changing on TikTok through Janie Frank’s videos.

On the app, @janiecfrank is answering viewers’ questions and breaking down what life is like being in a throuple.

By answering these questions, it’s revealed that she is in an open relationship with her other two partners.

She refers to both of them in the throuple as her “fiancés” and said that their connection doesn’t have emotional depth when asked about their open relationship status.

“Right now, for my fiancés and I, being in an open relationship does not mean anything emotional,” she explained. “That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t at some point in the future; it’s just never come up before.”

Some may not realize that a throuple can be categorized as polyamory, which Janie explains through the multiple hashtags attached to the video that read things like “#polyamory” or “#nonmonogamy”.

For her open form of this kind of relationship, this also can mean meeting people romantically outside of their throuple.

“If one of us started developing emotional, like, feelings for someone else, I think it would just be something that we would have to talk about and figure out,” she explained. “But it’s not like off the table because I don’t think it’s fair for us to tell our partner you can’t feel certain things.”

TikTok; pictured above is Janie in one of her videos

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