Her Daughter Chose Not To Invite Her Step-Cousin To A Christmas Party, And Now Her Sister-In-Law Is Accusing Her Of Teaching Her Daughter To Be A Bully

So, at family gatherings, there have even been a few times when Georgia actually had to be told to leave Mia alone– simply because Georgia would not accept that her daughter did not want to play.

So, after witnessing those instances, she decided to tell Mia that it was okay not to invite Georgia to the party, even though Georgia had been invited for the past two years while her brother and sister-in-law attended the adult party.

She did give Mia one rule in that regard, though. She told her daughter that she was not allowed to mention the party in front of Georgia. That way, Mia would not make her step-cousin feel bad.

Anyway, her daughter agreed, and she went on to send out invitations to her own adult party. After she invited both her brother and sister-in-law, though, she received a call from the couple.

Apparently, her sister-in-law called to confirm whether or not there would also be a “kids” party like last year.

“But I said there was never a kid’s party. It was Mia’s party, and yes, [my daughter] would be having some friends over,” she recalled.

She claims that her sister-in-law just did not get the hint, though, and went on to ask what time Georgia should go over to her house.

So, at that point, she was forced to spill the beans and tell her sister-in-law the truth about how she allowed Mia to make the guest list. Moreover, Mia chose to just invite some friends from school.

And if you could not have guessed, her sister-in-law was pissed. In fact, she got accused of allowing Mia to exclude her cousin, and she was asked how she could ever do such a thing.

Honestly, though, she pointed out how Mia and Georgia just are not really close anymore. Plus, she told her sister-in-law that she had no right to dictate who her daughter chose to invite to the party.

“I also said that since Georgia would never know about the party, I am obviously not intentionally hurting anyone,” she added.

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