Her Daughter Wore Princess Heels To Daycare And Had To Sit Out At Recess, But She Does Not Understand Why And Is Considering Finding A New School

Well, shortly after she dropped her kiddo off at school, she then received a call from her daughter’s teacher. Apparently, the teacher told her that she needed to drop off another pair of shoes.

But she was already at work at that time and was unable to bring another pair of shoes to her daughter’s school. So, at pick-up time, she found that the same thing had happened again. More specifically, her daughter’s heels were in her backpack, and her daughter was wearing more school-provided socks.

That time, though, she also learned from her daughter’s teacher that her daughter had not been allowed to play outside at recess because of the shoes. And she was honestly livid.

“First of all, she has worn those shoes to the park, so I know she can play in them. Second, it’s not her fault that I could not drop off a new pair of shoes. So I don’t see why she has to be punished for it,” she vented.

In turn, she is now honestly considering pulling her daughter out of this daycare and trying to find a new one. Her husband, however, is totally against that. Apparently, her husband’s older children from his previous marriage also went to this daycare, and they absolutely loved it. So, he does not want their daughter to go anywhere else.

Despite that, though, she admitted to feeling like they were treating her daughter unfairly. So now, she has been left wondering if wanting to look for a new daycare is justified or if she is overreacting.

Do you think the daycare is intentionally trying to hurt her daughter, or might they just be trying to keep her safe? If something were to happen to her daughter while wearing the heels, wouldn’t it be a liability? Do you think she would be able to find another daycare without this rule? What would you do if you were in her shoes? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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