Her Future Mother-In-Law Would Not Stop Telling Her That Her Wedding Needed To Be Child-Free, So She Told Her Mother-In-Law To Either Stop Meddling In The Wedding Plans Or She Was Going To Just Elope With Her Fiancé

nataliakabliuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her fiancé are currently engaged, and they first met while attending college. She attended university on a scholarship, though, while her fiancé was a “legacy” student.

For context, legacy students are applicants who “may or may not meet the qualifications to get into a certain university.”

Nonetheless, these students’ families have a long history with the school– for instance, alumni– and donate either to the endowment or contribute in some other form to the institution.

Despite her fiancé being one of these students, though, she still claims that he is a seriously charming, kind, generous, and intelligent person who honestly did not need any familial connections to get into the school.

Even though her fiancé is full of humility, she still claims that her future in-laws are a seriously fancy family. In fact, they are even apparently pressuring her to have a big and luxurious wedding.

Still, she feels that the absolute worst part about her in-laws meddling in their wedding plans is how her future mother-in-law will not stop claiming that the wedding needs to be child-free.

Now, this idea completely goes against all of her family beliefs. She is originally from Colombia and grew up very close to her family.

Anyone who was even remotely related to her but similar in age was called “primo” or “prima”– which means cousin. And anyone older than her was referred to as “tio” or “tia”– which means uncle or aunt.

So, she understandably wants all of her little cousins and siblings to be there on her wedding day.

nataliakabliuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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