Her Friend Set Her Up With A Weird Guy Who Ended Up Calling Her In The Middle Of The Night For A Whole Year, And He Would Breathe Heavily On The Other End Of The Line

DimaBerlin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It can be really sweet when a friend sets you up with someone for dating. It’s great because our friends know us better than we know ourselves sometimes, and can find really awesome people.

However, sometimes friends have the tendency to get things wrong when trying to set two people up on a date.

One woman shared a story about how the guy her friend set her up with turned out to be a total creep.

Before the pandemic, her best friend Mary introduced her to a guy named Joe. The first time she met Joe was in a group that included Mary and her boyfriend, Tim.

Although she wasn’t crazy about Joe, they got to chatting and swapped some jokes. It was a friendly time.

Joe ended up asking her out, and she said yes. After they exchanged numbers, Tim expressed his weariness of Joe.

Tim felt that there was “something off” about him. Although she slightly agreed, she decided to give Joe a chance.

After a couple of weeks of texting back and forth, she began to notice a dark side to Joe. He didn’t have any manners, he had low self-esteem, and he always needed some form of reassurance.

“At first, that wasn’t so bad, but it turned toxic pretty quickly,” she recalled. “He seemed to get off on that sort of attention.”

DimaBerlin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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