Her Sister-In-Law Lives Beyond Her Means Yet Claimed She Could Not Pitch In For Her In-Law’s Christmas Present This Year, So She Told Her Sister-In-Law To Scale Back On Eating Sushi And Chip In Or Else She Would Not Be Included On The Gift Label

So, they are financially independent– meaning that she does not need her in-laws to pay for anything– and they still get to enjoy a pretty nice lifestyle.

Her sister-in-law, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. According to her, her sister-in-law used to have a very high-paying job.

But, her sister-in-law recently quit that position to take a job that pays about one-third of her former salary because the new job allows her to make a bigger impact on society.

Now, she did admit that her sister-in-law has been doing some great work for the community. However, she claims that her sister-in-law has not accepted the realities of her new salary.

In other words, her sister-in-law keeps trying to maintain the same lifestyle she grew up accustomed to– meaning that the end result is frequent vacations, constantly eating out, and having absolutely zero money put away in savings.

“Seriously, zero. Her mom has her bank account details so she can check if my sister-in-law is getting close to over-drafting– which happens frequently,” she revealed.

And recently, her sister-in-law’s “flying by the seat of her pants” attitude has started to seriously tick her off.

It all ties back to the holidays, in which she and her husband usually pick out gifts for her mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Then, they run their choices by her sister-in-law, and she chips in whatever she can for the presents. Finally, she and her husband label the gifts as coming from all three of them.

Over the last few years, though, she has noticed that her sister-in-law’s contributions to the presents have gotten smaller and smaller.

And this year, after she and her husband sent their obligatory “just pay what you think you can” text to her sister-in-law, the outcome was not pretty.

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