Her Teen Daughter’s Friend Made A Comment About Her Weight During A Family Dinner, So She Banished The Friend From Their House Until They Apologize

pololia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-seven-year-old woman and her husband currently have two children together– a daughter who is fourteen and a son who is ten.

Ever since she can remember, though, her daughter has always been a bit socially awkward. And it was so obvious that she and her husband actually got their daughter tested because they suspected she might have been on the spectrum.

“It turns out she isn’t on the spectrum. My daughter is just a natural introvert,” she said.

So, her daughter has often struggled to make friends her age at school. This year, though, her daughter did make a new friend– and she and her husband were beyond thrilled.

And a couple of months ago, they decided to invite her daughter’s friend over to have dinner. Afterward, the girls also planned to have a sleepover.

Anyway, her daughter’s friend ended up going over, and her husband– who is usually the cook in their family– made dinner that night. In turn, he whipped up a very nice meal and served it to everyone.

Then, during dinner, she decided to try to make conversation with her daughter’s new friend and asked if she was enjoying the food. To her total shock, though, her daughter’s friend made a pretty offhand comment.

“Yes! Your husband is a great cook! No wonder you’ve ended up a bigger woman,” her daughter’s friend reportedly said. Yikes.

After that, the room immediately went quiet. Then, her husband attempted to laugh off the comment and change the subject.

pololia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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