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She Just Found Out That Her Boyfriend Secretly Stopped Paying Their Rent This Summer, And The Money She’s Been Giving Him For Rent He’s Been Blowing On Takeout, So They’re About To Get Evicted

She opened it up to see a man from their leasing office standing there, and he stated that she and her boyfriend owed a lot of money in rent.

This man told her that she and her boyfriend actually owed 7 months of rent, which came out to just about $10,000. She was so puzzled, especially since she has been making sure to give her boyfriend money for rent, and she rightfully assumed that their rent was being paid.

“The guy said we were at risk of being evicted and that my BF was dodging calls from the leasing office,” she said.

“After the guy left, I called my BF, expecting this to be some type of mistake, but no – it was true. My BF secretly stopped paying rent starting in June. He was using my rent money to supplement his lifestyle of ordering food…He was in over his head with the rent accrual and was embarrassed to tell me. He deliberately lied to my face for over half a year while misusing the money I work hard for. And IDK if he would’ve even told me if not for this guy knocking on the door.”

Later on that day, her boyfriend returned home from work and promised to right the situation. He has since been gathering the money together to pay the back rent that they owe, and he did end up asking her to give him more money to do this.

“I feel so numb,” she continued. “I trusted him fully, and he threw it away on something we could’ve worked together to solve.”

“He was well aware he was lying. I can’t help but not trust him right now. This feels insidious. I’m so hurt, disappointed, and really angry. I don’t even know how to untangle my feelings around this. I don’t want to leave my BF, I just want to trust him again.”

Do you think there’s any way she can bounce back from this and find a way to trust her boyfriend again after such a betrayal?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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