She Wants To Adopt Her Niece Because Her Sister Has Made No Effort To Be Involved In Her Niece’s Life Over The Last 6 Months, But Now Her Sister Is Accusing Her Of Trying To “Steal” The Baby

morrowlight - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual kid

This twenty-nine-year-old woman has a little sister named Jane, who is twenty-one. And last year, Jane had a baby girl, Sara, who is now fourteen-months-old.

Rather than Jane raising Sara, though, she has actually had custody of Sara since this past June.

Apparently, this switch in guardianship came after Jane went through a really tumultuous period. Her sister reportedly got divorced, did not have a job, and was homeless.

So, at first, she actually just offered to take temporary guardianship of Sara. That way, her niece would be safe and well cared for; meanwhile, Jane would have a chance to get her life together.

According to her, though, Jane actually refused that initial offer. But, after one incident happened, it became clear that Sara would be better off in her hands.

“After Sara was dropped off at our mom’s house in dirty clothes and an old diaper by a stranger, while she was supposed to be under the care of her father, Jane agreed to give her to my wife and me,” she recalled.

Now, at that point, she and her wife made it crystal clear that this would only be a temporary arrangement.

Moreover, Jane would still maintain complete access to Sara and could get her baby back whenever she felt ready.

Over the past six months, though, she claims that Jane has virtually disappeared from Sara’s life. Apparently, her sister does not ask about Sara or make any effort to visit her. Jane also never asks her or her wife to bring Sara over to visit.

morrowlight – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual kid

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