She’s Hosting Christmas This Year And She Told Her Husband’s Family That She’s Banning Alcohol Because Everyone Needs To Grow Up

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A woman says that her husband’s family really enjoys drinking, and for all the holidays they spend together, they end up going through several bottles of wine. They also enjoy making cocktails, and none of this aligns with how she feels about alcohol.

In fact, she absolutely hates alcohol or drinking, and she has never had a single drink in her entire life.

This is mostly because her own dad was an alcoholic, and so, she happens to believe it’s incredibly “childish” if someone cannot “have fun without drinking.”

Well, this year she’s going to be having Christmas at her house, and she figured she would tell her in-laws they can’t drink.

“This year I’m hosting Christmas for a change I decided since it’s at my house no alcohol allowed we are all getting older and it’s time to grow up,” she explained.

“My husbands sister called to ask what she could bring. She saw a recipe for a Christmas martini that she wanted to bring. I told her about my no alcohol rule. She didn’t say much but must have told the rest of the family. Some of them started texting me asking me if I was serious and saying that it is lame. But I’m not budging.”

“Now it turns out my husbands sister is hosting an alternate gathering that almost everyone is choosing to go to instead. It’s so disrespectful all because they would have to spend one day sober.”

Her husband’s sister has extended an invitation to both of them to come to her Christmas party, and this is what her husband wants to do; go to his sister’s house instead of letting her host Christmas this year.

Her husband wants her to go to his sister’s too, and stop creating problems with his family. She’s refusing to attend, because she can’t get over how disrespectful she feels it is of his sister to throw her own party that includes alcohol.

PhotoBook – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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