These Yummy Christmas Cookies Only Require 3 Ingredients To Make

TikTok - @nikki.thielmann

If there’s anything I enjoy more than Christmas itself, it’s a recipe I can make for the holidays that is completely effortless and does not require a lot of ingredients. Well, these cookies are made up of only three ingredients: store-bought cookie dough, Rolos, and pecans.

Nikki (@nikki.thielmann) on TikTok uses this super easy shortcut to make turtle chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate and caramel are a combination to die for, and this cookie recipe includes both.

Once you see them, you’ll definitely want to give it a go! Plus, it’s the perfect recipe to try if you’re just starting to dabble in baking.


-16.5-ounce package of ready-to-bake cookie dough

-48 Rolos

-48 pecans

-Sea salt flakes (optional)


Start by grabbing some mini muffin liners and adding them to a mini muffin tin. Next, cut the dough in half. Place one piece of cookie dough in each section.

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