A Guy She Met On A Dating App Asked Her Out On A Second Date, But Made Her Pay For Everything, Leaving Her In Tears

“When the check came, he slid it over to me and demanded that I pay. His awful excuse was that I should pay because of “equality” (his excuse to be cheap).”

“I started crying just because I really WANT a gentleman who will treat me the first few times and be chivalrous.”

“The guy got really uncomfortable, and he threatened to walk out and leave, and then started talking about how he had lots of other girls that “wanted him.”

He relented as she sat there in tears, insisting they could go half and half on the bill, though after those words were out of his mouth, the waitress arrived back at their table with the paid bill.

The waitress had already charged her card for $95, and when this guy saw the receipt, he looked really “smug” to her.

This guy then refused to leave a tip for their waitress and didn’t try reimbursing her.

“I was absolutely disgusted and repulsed, as this guy NEVER indicated to me before the date that it would be on me or he would split it, I thought that he genuinely liked me and would be happy to pay for the first few dates,” she said.

“In hindsight, I feel like an IDIOT as the text about whether I expected the man to pay and him complaining about prices on the first date was a red flag. What can I do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?”

“I was going to ask him beforehand and confirm he was paying, but my mom said that would be rude.”

She’s left feeling extremely upset that this guy was the one who asked her out on a second date and never made it clear to her that he wanted her to pay for their night out.

“This guy ALSO had the audacity to text me a week later and say he was “sad” to say goodbye and that he wishes we could have kissed and he didn’t see him not paying as undervaluing me at all,” she continued.

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