He Won’t Give His Daughter Any Money From Her Education Fund Even Though He Did Not Help Her With Any College Expenses But Helped Out His Son

Ulia Koltyrina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 54-year-old man and his wife, who is 52, have two children– a 23-year-old daughter and a 21-year-old son. And when their kids were very young, his parents generously decided to set up education funds for both of his children.

Now, he and his wife had always expected their children to attend both college and graduate school– just like they did. He has a Ph.D., and his wife has a Master’s degree.

And because of that goal for their children, they ultimately decided not to use the education funds for their kids’ undergraduate degree tuition. Moreover, they actually never told the children about the money at all.

While his son was always more of a “STEM guy,” though, his daughter has always been much more interested in liberal arts. So, both he and his wife have worried about her ability to find a job in the future.

Regardless of their concerns, though, his daughter ultimately insisted on studying both film and music in college.

She was accepted into some of the top schools in the country and opted to attend an expensive one, according to him.

His daughter was awarded numerous scholarships that covered nearly all of her tuition, though. So, all other expenses– including her housing costs– were his daughter’s responsibilities.

She ended up living in a very small apartment that she shared with friends, which was located in a “not-so-nice” area pretty far from campus. Nonetheless, he claims that his daughter was fine with it, and it taught her how to budget effectively.

Then, after his daughter graduated, she “luckily” found a job that she really enjoyed– despite the low salary. She has also since “scrapped” the idea of ever going to graduate school.

Ulia Koltyrina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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